Monday, August 17, 2009

Extendamatic Panel Gate to be Released Soon.

For awhile now we have been experimenting with a new gating concept that utilizes sliding panels. Sliding panel doors and gates already exist but they usually require an overhead suspension system for their support. Our goal is to provide what is essentially a self supporting panel fence that can protect an area in excess of 25 feet and yet retract to the width of a single panel and swing away to provide complete access to an area.

Why is this important? Industrial production areas need to be guarded, both for security and to satisfy OSHA worker protection requirements. They also need to be accessed by loading and servicing equipment. Conventional fencing and gating is fixed and does not readily provide this needed access. In addition, robot areas need to be fenced because a robot can occasionally throw a part, unleashing a missile that could potentially injure someone. Extendamatic Panel Gating will provide a perimeter protective screen that can support itself on an open floor and yet retract to a small footprint and swing away.

It is my belief that the new Extendamatic-PA sliding panel gate will be just the ticket for manufacturing production areas that are difficult to guard and secure. We are prototyping it now for shipment to a customer and should have photos and specifications posted to our website soon.

This new gate slides open panel by panel. The unique thing about it is that it does not require an overhead suspension system. The first model is 6 feet tall and will be able to open to approximately 14 feet or anywhere in between. The Extendamatic-PA is supported by an Anchor Post at one end and an optional Latch Post at the other. Two gates can be mounted left and right and brought together to close in the center. That's an impressive 28-feet of protection that collapses down to 53-1/2 inches at each end and swings away.

Key features include:
  • Sliding panels have a gap of only 4" at the floor.
  • Gate panel height can vary depending on your application (Standard is 6 feet).
  • Gate can be mounted close to a machine because an individual can not reach through, over, under or around it, a key OSHA requirement.
  • Once retracted (53-1/2 inches) the gate can be rotated out of the way 180 degrees.
  • A variety of panel inserts are available (2-in. x 1/8" welded wire mesh is standard).
  • Extendamatic-PA can be installed in conjunction with traditional perimeter fencing.
  • Less expensive than the Extendamatic-SC (Scissor gate).

Deken Power's Extendamatic-SC scissor gates are well known for their rigidity, durability, versatility and ease of operation and every one of those qualities will be built in to the new Extendamatic-PA.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Dresser-Rand takes delivery of custom designed Extendamatic Security Gating

Above photo is the right half of custom gate design

It's always nice to conquer a challenge.

Recently Dresser-Rand asked us to design a large double gate as a matching complement to five other Extendamatics that they already have on the floor for the purpose of guarding. This particular set of gates needed to secure an area where valuable inventory is stored.

This presented a design and engineering challenge because the gate (set of 2) needed to be 6 feet high, secure a span of 20 feet and have a small gap at the floor. At the same time it had to provide full access to the area.

Needless to say, this is a lot of freestanding iron and it had to be designed with Extendamatic's signature characteristics of ease of operation, smooth, gliding expansion and retraction, as well as swing-away capability. Not necessarily an easy task for so much bulk. We also threw in cane bolt drop pins with padlocks to secure the gating to the floor and a set of locking handles for additional security. We are proud of the result.

Extendamatic guarding can be a benefit to your operation as well. I know of no other product that can deliver such a strong presence and yet swing away and contract to next to nothing. At the same time, when retracted, it grants full access to an area for loading, servicing or maintenance. It can also be internally wired for interlock or alarm activation.

You can get a comprehensive view of the product at