Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Extendamatic Heavy-Duty Industrial Guarding

Safety is hard to sell because it is largely regarded as an expense that does not contribute directly to the bottom line, particularly during a down cycle. Some companies, however, make it a priority regardless of the economy, and this year I am grateful to them for the support and acceptance they have given to Extendamatic guarding and the hard working Americans that manufacture it here in California.

I was amused to find that the employees of a company that recently installed Extendamatic gating couldn't stop playing with it. Apparently the smooth, floating action makes it fun to operate. Who knew? Now I can add to my list of selling points, "Buy one for the fun of it!."
Without exception, every first-time purchaser of Extendamatic this year has expressed surprise and delight in the product's quality, durability, ease of operation and all-round aesthetic beauty. No accident! We decided at the very beginning that this was going to be a superior quality engineered product (as are all of our products) with precisely machined components that work together in harmonious fashion. It also means a premium all-weather powdercoat finish that you can stand back and admire. Indeed, Extendamatic's very presence is a visual testament to a company's concern for worker safety. And now, on top of it, they're fun!

In other news we have been quietly developing a new gating concept that is a series of sliding panels that not only retract to the width of a single panel, but also swing away in much the same manner as Extendamatic does. Sliding panel doors are not new (my grandfather had one at either end of his barn), however, they all require either an overhead or floor mounted tracking system (or both), and are limited to operating in a straight line. Our's requires neither, providing the versatility required to make the gating rotate and quickly disappear when complete access to a machine or a production area is needed.

There are several benefits to the new sliding panel gate in addition to the retractable swing-away feature.
  1. The panels can consist of welded wire or steel mesh which is ideal for robotic encasement where there is always a danger of a flying part. As well, plexiglass panels can be inserted for completely unobstructed viewing. Panels can even have solid inserts that contain signage or, heaven forbid, advertising.
  2. The panels can be up to 6 feet tall (or more) with only a 3-inch gap at the floor, so this model can serve as a security gate as well as a safety guard.
I hope to have photos of a prototype soon. Several of our customers have already expressed interest in the product and we have high hopes for it.

More later.

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