Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Unexpected Application for Slide-A-Matic

I'm always interested in the many different ways that industry uses Extendamatic and now the new Slide-A-Matic guarding. Here's one I've never heard before.

A major manufacturer in Colorado has production equipment that generates a lot of heat. In order to vent the heat and protect the equipment, they open the building's overhead bay doors. This works well, except it creates a safety and security problem, because there is no protection to keep unauthorized personnel from simply "walking in".

By installing an 8-foot tall Slide-A-Matic panel gate with 2-inch welded wire mesh at each bay door, the area now becomes secure and the venting process is uninterrupted. Additionally, the bay doors can be brought down to rest on the top of the Slide-A-Matic guard to create a 100% closure. The Slide-A-Matic gate can be padlocked to further insure security. The beauty of this system is that when the guarding is not needed, the panels retract into a tight package that swings to the side completely out of the way and the bay door can then operate in it's normal fashion.

Slide-A-Matic is a new product and was developed with the robotics industry in mind. It provides the cage type guarding that robots need, but retracts and rotates out of the way to provide complete access to the machine for servicing, etc. However, as we are finding out there are many other uses for the product as well as many uses that are still to be discovered.

I'll keep you posted. You can view a movie and specifications on Slide-A-Matic by clicking here.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Slide-A-Matic. A new concept in Safety Gating

Slide-A-Matic from Deken Power is a safety/security gate composed of a series of interlocking sliding panels that rotate into position and then extend, panel by panel, to a latch post where it is firmly secured. A single gate can close off up to 14-feet, and you can double that if you bring two gates together from the left and right. The gate is unique because it does not require the confines of a suspension or tracking system in order to operate, making it free to rotate to the side when retracted. It operates smoothly, even on an uneven floor.

Slide-A-Matic is designed to guard industrial production and robotic areas that require high-visibility protection, but also require unobstructed access for servicing, loading equipment, and machine set-up.

Gate construction is all steel. Individual panels are 51.5-inches wide. Total thickness of all 4 panels when retracted is less than 4-inches. Standard gate height is 77-inches, however, that can vary depending on the application. Swivel casters are heavy-duty 3-inch poly olefin. The sliding steel latch can be operated from either side of the gate and is pad-lockable.

A brief demo movie of the gate can be downloaded at:

Contact Ken Hortness at Deken Power toll free at 888-420-7188.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Slide-a-matic Panel Gate Now Available

Retractable, Rotating, Panel Guarding without Tracks or Suspension

• Slide-a-Matic retracts to the size of a single panel and has a 214ยบ rotation capability. Single panel width is 51.5 inches. Panel heights can vary.
• Cover up to a 14-foot opening with a 4-panel gate.
• Can be double gated (one from the left and one from the right) to cover up to 28-feet of in line opening.
• Two gates can connect at various angles to provide 2-sided protection to an area.
• Slide-a-Matic’s auto-level feature permits smooth operation, even on an uneven floor.
• Positive latching system that can be padlocked.
• Thin, compact, retracted profile. A 4-panel gate is only 3.75-inches thick when retracted.
• Available in 2, 3 and 4-panel models.
• Insert choices of welded wire (std.), expanded steel, or other materials.

Slide-a-matic's tall panels and pad-lockable latch has only a small gap at the floor, thus qualifying it as a security gate as well as a safety guard or fence. As one example, it will be perfect guarding for manufacturing robots, permitting complete denial or complete access to the machine, depending on preference.

You can view a short movie of Slide-a-Matic at:

Friday, May 7, 2010

How strong is Extendamatic guarding? Let's take a sledge hammer to it and see!

Recently Nabors Offshore Drilling ordered 2 of our gates to conduct an impact/function test to see if Extendamatic could stand the type of punishment that is dished out daily in an oil rig environment. We didn't realize at the time that the test was to simply beat them up with a sledge hammer.

NOTE: If the movie does not play you can view it at:

I am deeply grateful to them for sharing the video, because it clearly demonstrates just how solid a product Extendamatic is. It also has prompted us to make two revisions to the product design.

First, the end stanchion that houses the operating mechanism for the gate has been beefed up. This component has not once failed in 15-years of operation, however, seeing that it is prone to damage when forcefully stuck by a sledge hammer, we decided to make the component even stronger.

Secondly, we are incorporating a 2-hand anti-pinch control into the gate operation. A few people have voiced concern over the fact that a careless person could get his fingers caught when retracting the gate, so we have addressed that issue as well. With the new design, the gate locks up before a pinch can occur; the operator must then activate a release with his free hand in order to complete the retraction. I'll post a movie on this feature when it is available.

You can get a comprehensive look at Extendamatic guarding by clicking here.

More to come . . .

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Slide-a-matic Panel Gate Ready for Release

For some time now I have been talking about the release of an entirely new gate that consists of a series of sliding panels, and I am proud to announce that the finishing touches are being applied to it as I write.

More on that in a minute. First I need to explain the concept of our gates and how they are different, because after all, scissor and panel gates are not new. What is new is the unique engineering and versatility of deployment that we build into our guarding products, which allows them to stand on their own, deploy and protect with ease, yet retract and fold completely out of the way, granting unobstructed access to a machine or an area. This uniqueness also makes our products somewhat difficult to classify, because they can be a gate, a guard, a barrier, a fence, or any combination thereof.

Scissor gates (the most common being the ones you see covering storefronts) generally require overhead suspension and a tracking rail because they are floppy and cannot support themselves. They can open and close in a straight line, but that's it. Sliding panel gates are much the same, requiring suspension and tracking systems in order to operate. They have no versatility.

In regards to our Extendamatic scissor gate we have engineered it to stand rigidly on its own, so that it can expand and retract with ease, as well as swing completely out of the way when not in use. In my opinion, it is the most versatile guarding system available today. That's probably why it is currently keeping workers safe in many of America's major manufacturing industries. You can see it by clicking here.

But let's get back to the new panel gate which we have trade marked Slide-a-matic. The standard sliding panels have a height of 76.75-inches (although they can certainly be taller or shorter), and each is 51.5 inches wide. A 4-panel gate when deployed can close off a length of 14-feet. When retracted it is the width of a single panel with a thickness of only 3.5-inches! And it can easily rotate to the side. Amazing! Two Slide-a-matic gates (one mounted to the left, the other to the right) can be brought together in the center, effectively closing off a length of 28-feet. Additional versatility is provided when 2 gates are configured to join at right angles to form a pen.

Slide-a-matic's tall panels, with only a small gap at the floor, qualify it as a security gate as well as a safety guard or fence. As one example, it will be perfect guarding for manufacturing robots, permitting complete denial or complete access to the machine, depending on preference.

We have had a lot of interest in this product and are anxious for its release. A comprehensive review of it will be available on our website shortly, and I will announce it in this blog along with product photos.

More later. . .

Monday, March 29, 2010

Integral Die and Large Parts Washer

Cleaning the gunk off of grungy dies or large parts is a snap with Deken Power's Integral Die and Large Parts washer. It comes in 4 standard models with working areas of 8-ft. x 12-ft., 8-ft. x 14-ft., 8-ft. x 16-ft. and 8-ft. x 18-ft. Dies or large parts can be positioned for washing via overhead crane or forklift (DL Model).

The master control provides the operator with control over: On/Off; Pump On/Off; Cleansing Solution Temperature; Air Blow-off (drying wands); Emergency Off; Makeup Water Condition; Ozone Generating Unit, and; Low Water Level Shut-off, if necessary. The electrical system is 480/60 3-phase power in.

Construction is heavy-duty welded steel consisting of heavy-wall seamless steel tubing, continuous welded with powder coat finish. Cleaning solution tank assemblies are welded and formed stainless steel. Weight capacity is 500 or 900 lbs. per sq. ft. deck loading.

A 1,000 or 2,000 psi pressure pump delivers cleaning solution to both high-pressure spray wands which are conveniently located on opposite diagonal ends to allow complete access to all sides of the die/part that is being washed. Additionally, two high-efficiency compressed air, stainless steel drying wands provide for blow-off and drying of the die or part.

This product is packed with features such as Retractable heavy-duty clear-view, sure-fold contaminant curtains, closed loop dual filtration system with built-in oil skimmer, cal-rod heaters, bacteria and odor prevention system and an easy-empty system for complete evacuation of fluids into a 55-gallon drum.

No other die washing system even comes close to the power and durability of this system. You can get a comprehensive view of the product by clicking here.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Gangnail Press for Smaller Lumber Sizes

In the previous posting I discussed the heavy-duty Gangbuster Sr. gang nail press. Deken Power also manufactures a bench model press for joining lumber sizes 1x3, 1x4, 1x6, 2x3, 2x4 and 2x6. In the manufactured housing industry, it mounts to the side of a tops or side wall table, however, it can be used in any industry that requires quick and safe joining of lumber in the above mentioned sizes.

The Gangbuster Jr. is a self-contained unit that is foot-pedal actuated. The foot pedal is guarded for operator safety. Additional operator safety is assured with a thick Lexan Guard that does not allow the press to operate when in the open position. Strong magnets hold the gang nails in position and the operation cycle presses both gang nails into the wood simultaneously. The entire cycle takes only 7-seconds.

This product is a great way to "stretch lumber" on the fly. If you think that Gangbuster Jr. or Sr. can fit into your production process, I invite you to visit the website for a comprehensive look at the products. You can get a comprehensive look at Gangbuster Jr. by clicking here. If you want to view the Gangbuster Sr. heavy-duty gang nail press, click here.

Stay tuned.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Gangnail Press for Building Manufacturers

Deken Power's Gangbuster Sr. gang nail press delivers a whopping 42-tons of clamping pressure, simultaneously setting both top and bottom gang nails in one smooth operating cycle. The press is mainly used for joining lumber used as floor joists in building applications and can handle 2x6, 2x8 and 2x10 wood sizes.

This is a stand-alone, high-speed production press that is designed to safely maximize throughput in the manufacturing and assembly floor joists. The unique feature of this press is that it pushes both pieces of lumber together tightly for an almost seamless joint, an HUD requirement. The lumber is automatically clamped to a fence during the gang nailing operation, assuring straightness every time. The Gangbuster Sr. determines the quality of the splice joint, NOT the operator.

Safe operation is always front and center. This product complies with or exceeds federal OSHA and all state and local safety requirements. The operator pushes OSHA two-hand controls to start the operating cycle. The machine shuts itself off automatically when not in use.

You can get comprehensive information on the Gangbuster Sr. from the Deken Power website.

On my next blog, I will discuss the Gangbuster Jr., a smaller, side-mounted table unit for joining lumber sizes ranging from 1x3 through 2x6.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

There's a lot more to Deken Power than you think

I write about Extendamatic safety guarding and coil cradles so much that you probably think that we are a two-product company. Not so. This will be the first in a series that highlights the many products and services that Deken Power provides.

Many of you, for instance, don't know that Deken Power is a Master Distributor of fluid power products. If you're in manufacturing, this is important to know, because fluid power is your lifeline and when failures occur, you need a relationship with a reliable supplier.

The complexity of offerings is huge and you need to visit our website to fully appreciate what we can do for you. As an example, if you're in a specialized industry such as food, medical or the cement industry, we have the knowledge and expertise to provide you with the products that are unique to you. We also specialize in locating discontinued and hard-to-find items.

Free Product Testing
Customers within our geographic area are invited to bring a component that is not operating properly into our facility for bench testing. Out of the area customers may send the component to us for prompt testing and resolution of a problem.

Repair Department
Our repair technicians all have years of experience repairing and rebuilding fluid power products. Many have been "factory trained" to guarantee your rebuilt products have long life — just like the original brand new product!

Our in-house engineer is available as a free service to consult with you on unique problems or applications.

For the past 26 years we have been a leading force in the distribution of fluid power components to manufacturers nationwide. We invite you to view our website.

More on our manufactured products in the next blog.