Monday, March 29, 2010

Integral Die and Large Parts Washer

Cleaning the gunk off of grungy dies or large parts is a snap with Deken Power's Integral Die and Large Parts washer. It comes in 4 standard models with working areas of 8-ft. x 12-ft., 8-ft. x 14-ft., 8-ft. x 16-ft. and 8-ft. x 18-ft. Dies or large parts can be positioned for washing via overhead crane or forklift (DL Model).

The master control provides the operator with control over: On/Off; Pump On/Off; Cleansing Solution Temperature; Air Blow-off (drying wands); Emergency Off; Makeup Water Condition; Ozone Generating Unit, and; Low Water Level Shut-off, if necessary. The electrical system is 480/60 3-phase power in.

Construction is heavy-duty welded steel consisting of heavy-wall seamless steel tubing, continuous welded with powder coat finish. Cleaning solution tank assemblies are welded and formed stainless steel. Weight capacity is 500 or 900 lbs. per sq. ft. deck loading.

A 1,000 or 2,000 psi pressure pump delivers cleaning solution to both high-pressure spray wands which are conveniently located on opposite diagonal ends to allow complete access to all sides of the die/part that is being washed. Additionally, two high-efficiency compressed air, stainless steel drying wands provide for blow-off and drying of the die or part.

This product is packed with features such as Retractable heavy-duty clear-view, sure-fold contaminant curtains, closed loop dual filtration system with built-in oil skimmer, cal-rod heaters, bacteria and odor prevention system and an easy-empty system for complete evacuation of fluids into a 55-gallon drum.

No other die washing system even comes close to the power and durability of this system. You can get a comprehensive view of the product by clicking here.