Friday, May 7, 2010

How strong is Extendamatic guarding? Let's take a sledge hammer to it and see!

Recently Nabors Offshore Drilling ordered 2 of our gates to conduct an impact/function test to see if Extendamatic could stand the type of punishment that is dished out daily in an oil rig environment. We didn't realize at the time that the test was to simply beat them up with a sledge hammer.

NOTE: If the movie does not play you can view it at:

I am deeply grateful to them for sharing the video, because it clearly demonstrates just how solid a product Extendamatic is. It also has prompted us to make two revisions to the product design.

First, the end stanchion that houses the operating mechanism for the gate has been beefed up. This component has not once failed in 15-years of operation, however, seeing that it is prone to damage when forcefully stuck by a sledge hammer, we decided to make the component even stronger.

Secondly, we are incorporating a 2-hand anti-pinch control into the gate operation. A few people have voiced concern over the fact that a careless person could get his fingers caught when retracting the gate, so we have addressed that issue as well. With the new design, the gate locks up before a pinch can occur; the operator must then activate a release with his free hand in order to complete the retraction. I'll post a movie on this feature when it is available.

You can get a comprehensive look at Extendamatic guarding by clicking here.

More to come . . .