Wednesday, August 4, 2010

An Unexpected Application for Slide-A-Matic

I'm always interested in the many different ways that industry uses Extendamatic and now the new Slide-A-Matic guarding. Here's one I've never heard before.

A major manufacturer in Colorado has production equipment that generates a lot of heat. In order to vent the heat and protect the equipment, they open the building's overhead bay doors. This works well, except it creates a safety and security problem, because there is no protection to keep unauthorized personnel from simply "walking in".

By installing an 8-foot tall Slide-A-Matic panel gate with 2-inch welded wire mesh at each bay door, the area now becomes secure and the venting process is uninterrupted. Additionally, the bay doors can be brought down to rest on the top of the Slide-A-Matic guard to create a 100% closure. The Slide-A-Matic gate can be padlocked to further insure security. The beauty of this system is that when the guarding is not needed, the panels retract into a tight package that swings to the side completely out of the way and the bay door can then operate in it's normal fashion.

Slide-A-Matic is a new product and was developed with the robotics industry in mind. It provides the cage type guarding that robots need, but retracts and rotates out of the way to provide complete access to the machine for servicing, etc. However, as we are finding out there are many other uses for the product as well as many uses that are still to be discovered.

I'll keep you posted. You can view a movie and specifications on Slide-A-Matic by clicking here.