Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Cost is King. Maybe Not!

Today's reality has dictated that companies (including yours) refine cost cutting to a whole new level. When making a purchase, lowest cost wins!

Too often, however, lowest cost is determined by immediate, up-front expenditure rather than the value received over the life of one product over the other. This has made the selling of quality American made guarding more difficult, and I would be lying if I said otherwise. That's because those who make the buying decisions focus primarily on the immediate dollar cost of a product without taking into account the industrial, economic, social, behavioral and environmental impact that the purchase will have on their business.

"Wow!" you say, "It's just a gate, or fence, or whatever."

Right. And an iPhone is just a telephone.

A lot of thought went into the development of Extendamatic and Slide-A-Matic industrial guarding so that these products would provide substantial value over and above their ability to guard/fence an area. They are strong, rigid products that will provide many years of factory use and abuse. Should damage occur, they are repairable (you do not have to discard and start over). They are simple to install and require no maintenance. Additionally, they are easy for your employees to operate, which improves efficiency while providing safety. Because they retract AND swing to the side, your workers enjoy total, unrestricted access to a machine or production area. How's that for efficiency? And how much are you saving in operator time, insurance costs and costs related to an injury that could occur without this type of guarding? I suspect that in the long haul more money is actually saved with our products than is initially spent on their purchase.

No guarding is ever sold by us unless we understand its particular application within your operation, and provide to you the modifications or configuration adjustments required to be absolutely certain that the product will be a valuable asset to your enterprise over a very long term. That's why some of America's foremost manufacturers rely on Extendamatic and Slide-A-Matic guarding to keep dangerous areas safe and secure. It's a responsibility that we take seriously and it is evidenced in the quality of every product we ship.

So the next time you need a safety fence, or gate, or whatever, think of the purchase in terms of sustainability and the added value that a wise decision can bring to your business.

You can get a comprehensive look at Extendamatic and Slide-A-Matic guarding by clicking here.

More to come . . .

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