Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Deken Power No Longer Manufacturing Coil Storage Systems

We have recently had a significant number of inquiries into our coil cradles and coil storage systems. Regretfully, we have discontinued the manufacture of these products in order to dedicate our resources to the development, marketing and distribution of our retractable guarding products.

We have had such a positive industry-wide acceptance to our Extendamatic and Slide-A-Matic retractable safety guarding with a distinguished list of customers that includes BAE Systems, AK Steel, Severstal Steel, Nestle, Nissan, Toyota, Novelis, Dresser-Rand, Bloomingdale's, and the U.S. Missile Test Station in China Lake, California. Retractable guarding products have become a passion with us and we are grateful to those companies who support our products and continue to buy them.

In other news, our new 42-inch high Slide-A-Matic gate has passed all of it's tests with flying colors and our first order for the new design ships next week. I should have photos and product details on the website shortly.

A comprehensive look at Extendamatic and Slide-A-Matic guarding is available at our website. Click here.

Stay tuned, there's more to come . . .