Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Slide-A-Matic Expands its Product Line

Deken Power recently released a new, retractable, sliding panel safety fence called Slide-A-Matic. The concept is unique because the fence does not require an overhead suspension system or floor track system in order to operate. Instead, the fence rides on non-marking swivel casters that permit the gate to be retracted to the width of a single panel (51-inches), and then rotated as much as 180-degrees to provide complete access to the entire opening. We know of no other product that can do this. It is a particularly attractive feature for areas that require total access for robotics, machine loading or servicing.

Slide-A-Matic can be interlocked, and we will custom install perfectly aligned mounting pads that are specific to a customer's particular interlock system. In addition, the sliding latch can be simply padlocked to prevent unwarranted intrusion.

Slide-A-Matic has an automatic leveling feature that allows the fence to adjust for factory floors that are uneven. This assures a smooth extension/retraction and swivel process and removes the possibility of binding.

The product is now available in lengths from 2 to 6 panels. As an example, a 6-panel fence will protect an opening of up to 20-feet. Two fences can be mounted at opposing angles to create a pen that is totally accessible from both sides when retracted. Most remarkable is the fact that a six panel fence, when retracted, is less than 6-inches thick, yet when extended, it is strong and rigid with no sagging or bending.

Slide-A-Matic is now available in standard heights of 42-inches, 48-inches and 76-inches. Horizontal closure distances are:
  • 2-Panels, 95-inches (7-ft. 11-in.)
  • 3-Panels, 137-inches (11-ft. 5-in.)
  • 4-Panels, 175-inches (14 ft. 7-in.)
  • 5-Panels, 209-inches (17 ft. 5-in.)
  • 6-Panels, 240-inches (20 ft. 0-in.)
You can obtain a comprehensive look at Slide-A-Matic, including Product Features, Specifications and Sizes, Floor Plans, Drawings, and a Photo Gallery at Additionally, printable PDF files can be dowloaded to assist plant managers in planning their guarding profiles.

More to come . . .